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Two Beards Coffee Roasters

Two Beards Coffee Roasters

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular non-alcoholic beverages. It kickstarts the day for millions of people across the globe every morning. Without it, many may simply be unemployable. Allegedly, David Letterman once revealed that if it had not been for coffee, he’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever.

Swakopmund has become somewhat of a mecca for coffee roasters in Namibia. SlowTown Coffee Roasters was the first to open up shop in the coastal town. Now there is another: Two Beards Coffee Roasters.

The two beards behind Two Beards Coffee Roasters is father and son duo, Roy and Mark Stanton. Of the two, Roy has had his beard much longer.

Two Beards Coffee Roasters
Reading the beans

Roy’s dream of becoming a full-time coffee roaster started when he asked a good friend about the do’s and don’ts of early retirement. Roy took the words “make sure you have something to do from day one” to heart and purchased a roaster to pursue his passion for roasting coffee. 

As with so many artisans, Roy and Mark’s journey started at home and without formal training. Trial and error, reading and research brought experience and secured their first commercial clients. Initially, these were local businesses looking for signature blends of coffee. 

Coffee Roasting
Decanting roasted coffee

For Mark and Roy, the key to excellent coffee lies not only in the quality of the beans, or in the standards of farming. most important is the roasting of the beans. They specialize in single-origin, 100% pure Arabica coffees that reflect the true diversity of the world’s great coffee-producing countries.

If you are ever in need to discuss your coffee affairs, or just exchange your most recent ideas about the local artisan coffee movement, you’ll not only find the Two Beards most helpful and gregarious company, but you’d be able to enjoy a scrumptious meal in the Two Beards and a Saint Gourmet Coffee Bar and Bistro. The Bistro is located right below the Roastery where Radley -the Saint- offers a gourmet, café-style menu to go with a wide selection of coffees. 

Two Beards Coffeeshop
Two Beards and a Saint Coffee Shop

Two Beards Coffee Roasters and Two Beards and a Saint Gourmet Coffee Bar and Bistro are located on the outskirts of Swakopmund at Unit 6 Eastern Concepts, 5 Einstein Street, Swakopmund. Operating hours is between 7h30am and 5pm Monday to Friday, and Saturday 7h30 to 14h30pm. Sundays are closed for business.

For more details contact:

Mark Stanton

Two Beards Coffee Roasters

Email: coffee@2beardscoffee.com.na


Telephone: +264 81 772 3757

Roy and Mark Stanton
Roy and Mark Stanton – Two Beards Coffee Roasters


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