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Skuinskoek is a traditional confectionary that originated in the Namaqualand region in South Africa. It is a deep-fried sweet doughnut-like confectionary flavoured with aniseed. Its name is derived from the angular, diamond-like shape of the doughnut. It is likely that the first skuinskoek was made from left-over mosbolletjie dough. Mosbolletjies […]

Easy flatbread
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Easy Flatbread

Making bread at home does not have to be difficult or require hours of anyone’s time and this easy flatbread recipe is proof of that. Consisting of only two ingredients, this dough can be used for just about anything. You can use it for savoury dishes such as pizza, buns, […]

Roasted coffee cooling down
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Roasting Coffee

Introduction Roasting coffee is a complicated process. It requires understanding the time and temperatures needed to extract the full flavour from the beans. Coffee beans are matured in the coffee cherries and then fermented and dried to be sold as unroasted coffee beans. These beans are green in colour and […]

Gin botanicals
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Stillhouse Atlantic

Sundowners are the quintessential Namibian safari custom. Gin is the quintessential sundowner drink. Sadly, the quality of gin served, often fail to match the splendour of the glorious Namibian sunsets. That has changed because Namibia has joined the world of craft gin. Namibia has three operating craft gin distilleries. Stillhouse […]

Two Beards Coffee Roasters
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Two Beards Coffee Roasters

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular non-alcoholic beverages. It kickstarts the day for millions of people across the globe every morning. Without it, many may simply be unemployable. Allegedly, David Letterman once revealed that if it had not been for coffee, he’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever. Swakopmund […]

Jaffle and Jaffle Pan
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Introduction Many Namibians grew up eating jaffles. These are sandwiches stuffed with minced meat, tomato and onions and cooked over the flame of a primus stove[1] using a special tool, the jaffle pan. In years gone by, it was a staple at public events such as sports tournaments, church bazaars, and […]

Fresh Namibian Oysters
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Oysters with mango salsa

Frozen oysters should not be overlooked. This recipe that combines oysters with mango is proof of how good they can be. The oysters are only lightly cooked, which improves their texture. The mango adds sweetness and freshness whilst the onions add a little crunch. The chilli adds heat. The addition […]

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Braaibroodjies with eggplant

Braaibroodjies with eggplant is a modern version of traditional classic braaibroodjie. To the cultural outsider, it may look like just another grilled cheese sandwich. But to those in the know, it is often the highlight of the braai. Braaibroodjies with eggplant tips the hat to the classic Italian flavours of […]



Introduction A Namibian braai is not a braai without that most iconic of side dishes, braaibroodjies. This grilled sandwich most likely crossed over into Namibia from South Africa its neighbour across the Orange River. It is but one of a number of bread dishes cooked over an open fire and […]