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Beer and cheese bread
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Beer and cheese bread

This beer and cheese bread is one variation of the beer breads Namibians love to enjoy with their braais. These breads are popular because they are so easy to make. They require only a hand full of ingredients and uses baking soda as leavening agent. Beer, off course, is another […]

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Deep-fried oyster sandwich

The New Orleans po’boy is a classic deep-fried oyster sandwich. It is most likely a variation of the famous “oyster loaves”. These deep-fried oysters on French loaves were popular in the city way back during the late 1800s already. The exact origin of the name po’boy is uncertain but one […]

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Introduction Some of the world’s classic dishes are named after the pot or pan they are cooked in. Such dishes include Paella, Tagine, Sač, Cataplana, Pancake and Nabemono. The latter originated in Japan and refers to ‘all things cooked in a nabe’ (pot). One famous version hereof is chanko nabe […]

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Sautéed oryx liver

Sautéed oryx liver is a classic hunter’s lunch. Liver is considered a special delicacy just about everywhere in Namibia. Whether it is grilled over glowing embers or fried in a pan, liver should not be over-cooked or else it will be struggle to eat. This very simple recipe is ideal […]