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Blacvk mussels
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Introduction For most Namibians, access to fresh mussels and other seafood is extremely limited and highly dependent on the ability to self-harvest. Fresh seafood is also very expensive compared to other proteins available in retail stores. Namibia’s lucrative seafood industry exports most local seafood but recreational harvesting is allowed for […]

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Introduction Life feels a whole lot better when you wake up to the smell of rusks or “beskuit” in the oven. There is something very comforting to the smell of warm milk, butter, flour and sugar. Just as there is something utterly serene in sitting at a table at dawn […]

Jaffle and Jaffle Pan
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Introduction Many Namibians grew up eating jaffles. These are sandwiches stuffed with minced meat, tomato and onions and cooked over the flame of a primus stove[1] using a special tool, the jaffle pan. In years gone by, it was a staple at public events such as sports tournaments, church bazaars, and […]

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Introduction Some of the world’s classic dishes are named after the pot or pan they are cooked in. Such dishes include Paella, Tagine, Sač, Cataplana, Pancake and Nabemono. The latter originated in Japan and refers to ‘all things cooked in a nabe’ (pot). One famous version hereof is chanko nabe […]