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Blacvk mussels
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Introduction For most Namibians, access to fresh mussels and other seafood is extremely limited and highly dependent on the ability to self-harvest. Fresh seafood is also very expensive compared to other proteins available in retail stores. Namibia’s lucrative seafood industry exports most local seafood but recreational harvesting is allowed for […]

Smashed sweet potatoes
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Smashed sweet potatoes

This smashed sweet potatoes recipe add a delicious twist to what is already a supreme ingredient. Garlic butter and a handful of parmesan cheese take the humble sweet potato to new heights. Delicious food does not come easier. Boil some sweet potatoes then lightly flatten them with a fork. Pour […]

Melktert ice cream
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Melktert ice cream

This melktert ice cream is an unorthodox way to present the flavours of this iconic dish. Melktert ice cream combines the warm notes of spices with the coldness of the ice cream for something familiar yet unique. Melktert is the Afrikaans word for “milk tart” and consists of a sweet […]

Easy koeksisters
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Easy Koeksisters

Making koeksisters the traditional way is time-consuming. Many thus avoid making this delectable traditional pastry at home. Fortunately, that does not have to be the case. These here are made from the very versatile 2-ingredient dough. This dough can be used for just about anything you can think of: flatbreads, […]



Skuinskoek is a traditional confectionary that originated in the Namaqualand region in South Africa. It is a deep-fried sweet doughnut-like confectionary flavoured with aniseed. Its name is derived from the angular, diamond-like shape of the doughnut. It is likely that the first skuinskoek was made from left-over mosbolletjie dough. Mosbolletjies […]

Fresh Namibian Oysters
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Oysters with mango salsa

Frozen oysters should not be overlooked. This recipe that combines oysters with mango is proof of how good they can be. The oysters are only lightly cooked, which improves their texture. The mango adds sweetness and freshness whilst the onions add a little crunch. The chilli adds heat. The addition […]

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Braaibroodjies with eggplant

Braaibroodjies with eggplant is a modern version of traditional classic braaibroodjie. To the cultural outsider, it may look like just another grilled cheese sandwich. But to those in the know, it is often the highlight of the braai. Braaibroodjies with eggplant tips the hat to the classic Italian flavours of […]



Introduction A Namibian braai is not a braai without that most iconic of side dishes, braaibroodjies. This grilled sandwich most likely crossed over into Namibia from South Africa its neighbour across the Orange River. It is but one of a number of bread dishes cooked over an open fire and […]

Beer and cheese bread
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Beer and cheese bread

This beer and cheese bread is one variation of the beer breads Namibians love to enjoy with their braais. These breads are popular because they are so easy to make. They require only a hand full of ingredients and uses baking soda as leavening agent. Beer, off course, is another […]